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Symposium Announcement: Registration for the IASS2020/21 Spatial Structures conference is now open

The International Conference on Spatial Structures is an event that has occurred every nine years since 1966 and has been organized by the Spatial Structures Research Centre of the University of Surrey. The 7th conference will be held in the summer of 2021 in Guildford, as a joint event with the Annual Symposium of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures, IASS 2020/21. The IASS symposia have been successfully held for over 50 years in various countries such as Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, South Korea, Spain and the US.

 • Conference registration is now open

The first phase of conference registration is open. More information about conference registration is available here:

 • The new Student Observer registration category

In particular, the conference organizers would like to highlight the Student Observer category which has been introduced this year.

The Student Observer is a special category which allows students who are not presenting papers at the conference to attend the conference virtually, and to have virtual access to:

Opening sessions

Technical sessions

Plenary sessions

Closing sessions

The Student Observer category has been introduced at a very low fee rate to encourage the next generation of spatial structures enthusiasts. The registration fee for this category is £100 now, or £150 after 1 March. Please visit the official website for more details.